The Footer Area

We like footer areas that contain more information than just a copyright statement. Typically we will add room for main navigation links, contact information, social media icons, your copyright statement, and other blocks for information you consider important enough to show on every page.

Example1: Footer with 4 content boxes

Example2: Footer with 3 content boxes

You will edit the footer content on the .dwt template pages if you are using Expression Web (or Dreamweaver). Once you have changed content, you can copy and paste it into your other .dwt template pages.

Design View
Code View

This can be fast and easy if you highlight the footer tag in the Quick Tag Selector Bar. (Remember that some elements, Javascript items like the calendar or CSS3 effects, will not be visible in Design View.) You will see all of the footer content highlighted. Control + C to copy.

You can then highlight the footer tag on another .dwt template page, and Control + V to paste over the old code with your new changes.