Free Learning Guides

We have an extensive Help Center, but sometimes it is easier to have something you can open, print, and/or read at your leisure. Each of the four PDF "Guides" below contains a lot of information you may find helpful when it comes to understanding, editing, and developing your new web site built with one of our templates. Clicking on an image below will open the document in your PDF reader. From there you can save it to your computer.

Part 1 covers:

  • How to download, save, and unzip your new template.
  • An overview of your template files and folders.
  • How to set Expression Web's program defaults and general settings.
  • How to add and delete pages, and change page or file names.
  • An overview of .dwt pages.
  • ...and much more

Part 2 covers:

  • How to use Expression Web's CSS tools.
  • How to add your site name and/or logo.
  • Editing the main navigation links.
  • An overview of inserting and aligning images.
  • Learn about Code Snippets.
  • Discover ways to keep your coding free from errors.

Part 3 covers:

The JavaScripts we use in many of our templates.

  • The slideshow
  • The lightbox
  • The image carousel
  • The "ticker"
  • and more

Part 4 covers:

Since CSS makes up how your site looks, this is a primer on the basics of CSS.

  • Benefits of CSS.
  • What makes up a CSS rule.
  • Details on backgrounds, fonts and text, margins, paddings, borders, lists, and more.
  • Details on the Media Queries used for mobile devices.