Concrete5 Themes

Don't be intimidated if you've never used a Content Management System before. We offer original Concrete5 Themes that you cannot find anywhere else online. When you want to get your site up in hours rather than spending days learning a new system, this is one of the easiest platforms we've seen.

Excellent Support

We take pride in creating original web templates for the Concrete5 platform (5.5.1+) that are visually engaging, lightweight, and easy to use.

New Features:
  • C53780 and higher use a very easy drop-down menu.
  • C54000 and higher are responsive and will adjust to the viewing device.

We Know Concrete5

Time for a new look? The quality of your site design says a lot about your business. Are you getting the results you deserve?

Because this is a database driven platform (PHP + MySQL) you will have to install Concrete5 on your web server then generate your own web pages, content, links, etc. It is up to the user to develop and edit their own Concrete5 database environment.

If you are looking to free yourself from the cost of frequent software upgrades and want to build and manage your site anywhere with internet access, this is an impressive and easy option.

Get Creative

Great HostingNeed a good web host for your Concrete5 site? We recommend Blue Host for their great customer service, one-click installation, and much more.

We believe that good template design should complement - not compete - with your site's content. We also believe that what people want is easy. Our Concrete5 themes are designed to give you the flexibility you need.

Want to try it for yourself? We are offering a free Concrete5 theme on our Links and Resources page.

Why Concrete5?

Concrete5 is one of the easiest open source Content Management Systems that is freely available to everyone. Anyone with basic word processing skills can keep their sites up to date adding content, managing images and more through a simple, browser-based interface. We have some in-depth tutorials on our Help Center to get you started.

Your template comes with all of the files and images necessary to set up your Concrete5 site, along with a detailed instructions page. And if you need a bit of help, we're only an email away.

Inside our Concrete5 Themes

Easy Site-wide Blocks

Site wide blocks let you edit header and footer content once and it appears on all pages of your site.

Simple On-Page Editing

Adding or editing content is easy with simple on-page editing. Open the page, edit the content and save. Easy!

Consistent Block Naming

We are consistent with naming block areas. If you change to another of our themes, you will not lose content contained in those blocks.